Monday, January 19, 2015

2014 Most Notorious Insurance Fraud Crimes

As the new year begins, it’s fun (and a little bit sad!) to take a look back at some of last year’s most notorious insurance fraud crimes. Unfortunately, while many of these crimes may seem pretty bizarre, they’re really just par for the course. People commit insurance crimes every day, but fortunately, they rarely get away with them for long.

The Personal Injury Attorney

This year saw the bust of a Bridgeport, Connecticut personal injury attorney. The man who seemed all business on the surface was actually the leader of a money-stealing crime ring. The attorney would get accident victims to receive very expensive and very unnecessary treatments for their so-called injuries and then get all of the money for these “treatments,” some of which never even happened, from their insurers. The man wasn’t the only one involved in the crime; no, he had doctors, chiropractors, and even young people who picked up accident reports from the local police station for him daily and then talked victims into getting treatments. When he was finally caught, the man received 51 months in prison and a judgment against him in the amount of $1.8 million!

The Rocker Cop

A young New York, New York man seemed to have it all. By day, he did duty as a respected police officer, and by night, he was the front-man for a popular punk band. Somewhere in between that busy schedule, he managed to fake an injured-on-the-job arm and collect over $30,000 as a result. Even though he claimed his pain was so great that he couldn’t bend his arm, photos and videos from his concerts, in which he danced and definitely bent the “hurt” arm, got him caught. He now faces three years of probation for his crime. 

The Rape Victim

A Michigan woman seemed to have the most tragic and horrific story imaginable. She claimed to have been raped in the parking lot of a store and to have contracted a deadly case of cervical cancer as a result. Her community gave her endless support, collecting over $10,000 to help pay her medical bills, and her insurance company supported her as well, giving her over $120,000 for hospice care. Sadly, after investigation, it all turned out to be a big hoax, and the woman received a year in jail as punishment.

These stories are about dishonest, selfish people whose lies impacted everyone around them. Sadly, tales like these happen all the time; don’t let yourself become one of them. Always be 100% honest when making insurance claims.

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