Friday, January 9, 2015

False Insurance Claims and their Consequences

A 29 year old Louisville, Kentucky resident was recently arrested for staging a vehicle accident and then attempting to profit from the resulting insurance claims. The woman allegedly rented a U-haul truck with insurance and then “accidentally” crashed the truck into another car, also a part of the scam.

The insurance claim would have left the woman with a nice of over $100,000...if the crash had been real. Once the claim was investigated and found to be fraudulent, however, the woman eventually confessed and was charged with one count of fraud.

Her punishment and the punishment of others involved in the bogus crash will all depend on what the judge decides, but it could involve some serious prison time.   

Obviously, it’s not easy to get away with insurance fraud. So, no matter how tempting it may be to collect on big cash, it’s always best to be honest. Even if you do see some money as the result of a fraud, the risk of getting caught and the punishments involved are just too serious.

Furthermore, even if a person doesn’t get caught, the cost of fraudulent claims affects everyone. Insurance prices often go up when many large claims are made within a given year, and accident statistics are wrongfully affected too. Furthermore, when accidents are staged, other innocent people could become involved and negatively impacted. In short, it’s incredibly selfish (and dangerous!) to stage an accident or to attempt to collect money from a false claim. No matter how tempting the money may seem, do the right thing and always file honestly and only when you actually need to.

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