Friday, February 6, 2015

North Carolina Couple Faces Insurance Fraud Penalties

A married couple living in Wilmington, North Carolina was recently arrested for attempting to collect over $60,000 on a faulty insurance claim.

The couple claimed to have had some very bad luck, filing insurance claims for a car fire, two car accidents, and a break-in all in the span of just three years. Apparently, once they realized just how much money one insurance claim could bring in, they couldn’t get enough and just kept on filing. When that many claims are being filed by the same people in such a short time span, however, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets suspicious.   

After being covertly investigated, the male half of the couple was charged with insurance fraud and attempting to obtain property under false pretenses. His other half is also facing charges, though they are undisclosed at this time.

The story may be shocking to some, but unfortunately, people attempt to commit harebrained crimes like these on an almost daily basis...and they rarely get away with them. Insurance fraud is a pretty hard crime to pull off.

Most people don’t attempt to commit these types of crimes on such a large scale, but plenty of people are dishonest in little ways with their insurance companies. They might, for example, exaggerate injuries from an accident in order to up the amount of their claims. More often than not, however, thieves, cheaters, and even the mere exaggerators get caught, and they have a high price to pay. Learn from this couple’s story and always be honest when dealing with your insurance company.

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