Friday, March 6, 2015

More Major Car Insurance Myths

There are oh-so-many myths and outright lies floating around about car insurance these days that it’s hard to know what’s true and what’s a fabrication. Fortunately, we’re here to set the record straight! Read on to learn about some of the biggest and most widely believed myths about car insurance so that you can avoid being taken for a ride.

Comprehensive Insurance is All You Need

Many people are under the impression that, if they have comprehensive coverage, they are completely in the clear. It’s common for people to think that anything not covered by their basic insurance policy is covered by their comprehensive policy. And, while that would certainly be nice, it’s just not true. Comprehensive coverage is only for specific, unexpected, and unavoidable damages or losses like a stolen or vandalized vehicle or a car that gets hit by a falling tree. Policies do vary
somewhat from one provider to the next, so it’s always smart to see what all is covered by a particular policy. However, you can pretty much guarantee it won’t be anything and everything.

It’s Okay to Let Your Friends Drive

Be honest. Have you ever handed your keys over to a friend or family member? Whether you let someone use your car for a week or a month, you probably believed that it was okay because that person’s insurance would cover any damages that occurred. In truth, though, it’s you and your insurance, not your friend’s, that take the blame. When someone drives your vehicle, your insurance is the one that takes the hit. Any claims filed go on your policy and can affect your insurance rate and driving history.

Don’t Worry About Out-of-State Tickets and Traffic Violations

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but a lot of people believe that out of state tickets and other traffic violations don’t count once they’re safely back in their home state. Unfortunately, however, they do. They are still kept on record and can still affect your car insurance rates, so slow down!

If you believed any of these common insurance myths, at least now you’ve been set straight! Remember, never just believe something you hear without asking your insurance provider for the “true scoop.”

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