Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Safety

If you’re like most people, then you look forward to the summer months all year long. There is no better time to get out and about in the great outdoors with your family and friends. However, many accidents happen during summer, and they are often the result of hidden dangers, many of which could be lurking in your own backyard. To keep those you care about safe and to reduce the risk of an accident happening on your property, brush up on a few summer safety tips.  

Be Wary Around Water
Having a pool is a wonderful, but it does open you up to many risks and dangers. To increase safety in and around the water, remember these rules:

l  Never allow children to swim or play in or around bodies of water without adequate adult supervision
l  Have a high fence (check local regulations) placed around your pool
l  Keep lifesaving devices within close reach
l  Cover pools when they’re not being used
l  Use properly fitted drain covers
l  Install vacuum suction releases on all drains
General Safety
Drowning and other water-related accidents are major causes of death and serious injury. However, water isn’t the only outdoor hazard that poses a risk. As such, use good common sense and judgment at all times, and keep these general tips in mind:
l  Never allow children or pets to play around in-use grilling areas or fire pits
l  Never use flammable liquids, other than starter fluid, to help ignite a grill or fire
l  Keep yards well-mowed and free of debris
l  Keep stairs, walkways, and other pieces of personal property in good, safe working order
l  Properly maintain swings, slides, and other playground-type equipment
l  Get express permission from parents before allowing other children to use trampolines, pools, and other “summer fun” equipment

As you can see, there’s a world of risk out there, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy life. Enjoy it; in fact, enjoy it to the fullest, but just do so with caution.

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