Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Best Car Insurance Discounts

Insuring a car isn’t cheap. Fortunately, however, a lot of providers offer different discounts that can help you save money on insurance costs. In addition to shopping around to find an affordably priced provider, you should also look for a provider that offers many discounts for which you are eligible. The best strategy is to ask each prospective provider for a full list of available discounts and then do a little comparing and figuring to find the best deal. These discounts do vary from provider to provider and from state to state but some of the best and most common include:  

Good Student Discount

Students who are enrolled full-time in college or high school and who maintain a good grade point average (most providers specify a B or higher) can be eligible for a good student discount. The reasoning behind this discount is that students who are responsible at school will also be responsible behind the wheel.

Multiple-Policy Discount

As a way of saying thank you to loyal customers, most insurance providers give discounts to policyholders with other policies through the same provider. So if, for example, you insure your car and also your home through the same provider, you could get a discount.

Alternative Fuel Discount

Are you committed to making the planet a better place? If so, your insurance provider may just be committed to saving you money. A lot of modern providers offer discounts to anyone who drives an alternative fuel vehicle, such as a hybrid car or an electric car.

Driver Education Discount

No driver is perfect, and every driver could stand to learn a thing or two. Drivers who actually do take control of their learning and who enroll in an approved driver training and/or safety course are often eligible for discounts. The key is just to check the approved class list first- before signing up.

Protective Device Discount

The lower the risk to your vehicle, the lower the risk to your insurer. That just makes sense, right? Most providers will thank you, via a discount, for installing approved safety devices, such as anti-lock brakes or a car alarm, on your vehicle. With the vast majority of providers, if the device makes your car safer to drive or harder to steal, it’s discount-eligible.

Automatic Payment Discount

Automatic payments make life easier on everyone involved. When you choose to enroll in auto-pay, many providers will give you a discount for the convenience. Alternatively, you could choose to pay your entire policy in full, upfront; most providers offer an even bigger discount for that!

Transfer Discount

Finally, know that shopping around for the best possible policy can often pay off in more ways than one. Not only do you stand a good chance of saving money on your policy in the first place, but a lot of providers will give you a sizable discount when you make the switch.

As you can see, discounts and ways to save abound; you just have to find the ones that work for you and the provider that offers them.

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